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Student voices: OnStage makes lasting memories

OnStage is a tradition, both for Rosemount High School and for me personally. I remember going to watch OnStage every year when I was younger, and when it was in the spring, it would be a part of my birthday tradition. My first year dancing in OnStage was almost bittersweet, as I could no longer watch the show from the perspective of an audience member.

For those who do not know, OnStage is a show put on by Rosemount High School every year that features singing, dancing and a jazz band performance, all combined into one. This year, the show runs for two weekends and the theme is "An American Songbook." It features a variety of American songs, from Broadway to country. The last three shows run tonight, Friday and Saturday, all at 7 p.m.

Dancing in the show for my second year has been a joy so far. The upbeat nature of the show is a big leap from the delicacy of ballet that I usually perform in. Above all, the show is more than just performing. Being part of it is something I am genuinely proud of. It is an amazing showcase of the talent and dedication each and every participant possesses.

One of my favorite things about OnStage is that it is so different from any other production I've been involved with. It follows more of a variety show format rather than a plot-driven play or musical. All of the featured elements -- singing, dancing, tech and the band -- must align in order to perfect the finished product. It may seem like a long process, but the satisfaction of perfecting a number and the show as a whole is incredible.

I can say without a doubt that OnStage has been among my favorite memories of high school. I know it is something I will look back on someday and be thankful that I was able to participate in such a great opportunity. The cast and faculty's dedication, the facility, and of course the finished product all make me realize how lucky I am to be a part of it all.

It's a bit alarming to realize that the next OnStage production I will be in will occur in the spring of 2013, right before I graduate from high school and head off to college. In a way, I never want all the shows I've participated in at Rosemount High School to end. However, I know that I can return to see future shows and relive the memories I cherish. For now, I am eager to continue with the last few performances and am once again very grateful I get to be a part of another incredible production.

Marnie Sciamanda is a junior at Rosemount High School. Her column appears every other week.