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Column: Too many kids lack discipline

Several weeks ago we were having lunch out when two overweight women came in carrying a screaming child.

The child looked to be about 4 years and was huge, not just plain porky. He couldn't fit in a booster seat so either sat on his haunches, was laying screaming on the floor or one of the women held him. Every time the kid screamed, one of the women shoved food or candy in his mouth to shut him up and held him, saying, "You are a good boy."  He chewed for a bit and then spit it out on the table or floor.  He was throwing things and a little metal car missed my friend's head by inches. Their table looked like a pig trough when they slopped.

We learned that the women were both single and unemployed, a granny, 36, and her daughter, 17. The kid was only 2 years old but weighted over 65 pounds. He didn't talk much, only screamed and threw temper tantrums.

After almost an hour of listening to the screeching, we were in line leaving when the kid ran over and threw himself down in front of my wheelchair. He was rolling on the floor so I couldn't move. I had a headache was so angry. I shook my finger at him said "Stop it!" He was dead silent, stood up and with big eyes just glared at me.

I continued, "If you were my kid I'd take you by the hand, make you walk outside and when we got home whip your butt. You'd have problems sitting down for a few days."

One of the women got up from their table and took him outside. After I told him to stop, he didn't utter another peep and never took his eyes off me until we drove away.

Just babies raising babies, too common in our society. God bless our teachers when they have to discipline him.

But it made a believer out of me, we do need those Dr. Phil and Biggest Loser shows because there are people with no common sense who walk among us.