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Editorial: Plenty of people are making a difference

In difficult times it is important for people who have the ability to reach out and offer help to the people who need it most. These are some of the most difficult times we have experienced, and we find it fascinating to see the ways people in Rosemount have found to lend a hand.

This week's edition of the Town Pages features three stories about people who in one way or another are reaching out to make the world a better place. One woman is learning how to fight for the rights of children with disabilities. A husband and wife are traveling to another continent to provide eyeglasses to people who might otherwise go through life unable to see clearly. In another case, a business and a local organization are teaming up to find homes for animals that don't have anyone else looking out for them.

All three stories are remarkable in their own ways.

Monica Mooney found herself unexpectedly with three adopted children diagnosed with fetal alcohol system. All of a sudden she faced a future filled with challenges most parents never have to consider. She and her husband, Terry, could have given up. The adoption agency offered to find new homes for the children. But that was never a serious option. Instead, Monica and Terry have educated themselves. Monica took a course that introduced her to new ways to advocate for her children and for others facing similar challenges. She knows her fights now benefit her own children as well as those who come later.

Neil and Tamara Ristow will leave later this week for Tanzania, where they will help deliver eyeglasses to people who would otherwise never be able to afford them. They went through training to provide basic eye exams. Because of their efforts, and the efforts of the people providing their eyeglasses, there are hundreds of parents who will soon be able to see their child's face clearly for the first time.

Closer to home, the people behind Amazing Animal Advocates are fighting for unwanted animals. They need some help, though. The group's foster families are running out of room, and the group needs to find homes for some of the animals it has collected. That's why it's teaming up with Fluegel's for an adoption event.

There is no shortage of challenges these days. That's why we enjoy seeing stories about people who reach out to others even as they go through their own struggles. We know there are more stories like these out there. We'd love to hear them.