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Column: Plan ahead for a good holiday weekend

This is our second official long weekend of the summer. Our days are

getting shorter and we have only had a few days of spring or summer. It's been good for the electric or water bills, but taking it's toll on people who work outside or planned vacations.

Many people were so ready to head out this weekend to camp, fish or just get away while others have been working on celebrations for the Fourth of July.

For those traveling on the highways remember to have your car checked before you go to avoid a break down on the highway. Don't forget the windshield wipers and fluid in case you run into rain or inclement weather. If you are traveling with youngsters, bring books, treats, water or a favorite game to pass the time. Allow extra time in case of detours or road construction.

Check with the weatherman this year so you don't end up in a tornado or hail storm. Make sure you start with a full tank of gas just in case you are delayed. Many people are traveling by motorcycle this year because of higher gas prices. With our roads buckling in hot weather and potholes, motorists will have to be considerate.

This year with high unemployment we find many high school and college graduates on the road, adding more traffic. In the event of a government shutdown many things will be closed. Remember to check ahead if you have reservations.

A big concern for the weekend are both boating and driving if you've been drinking. June 30 is the deadliest day on our nation's highways.

The officers will be out enforce protecting those who obey the laws. If you are entertaining, make sure your guests are okay to drive.

Regardless how you celebrate remember to salute Old Glory, enjoy the parade, plan a picnic and don't forget the fireworks.

I hope all our readers have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.