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Editorial: A busy summer is ahead in Rosemount

We've pushed past graduation day, summer is looming and things are about to get awfully busy in Rosemount.

Students in Rosemount who haven't already graduated are counting the hours to the end of school.

Not long after the last student has thrown paper and books aside, Rosemount will celebrate another edition of Leprechaun Days, and from there it's just a couple of weeks before the Dakota County Fair rolls back into town with its train of farm animals, fatty foods and demolition derbies.

There's not much room in between for Rosemount residents to catch their breath. The weekends ahead will be filled with graduation parties, with cookouts and with bonfires. For many there will be kids who need transportation to summer sports, or summer camps.

There will be plenty of smaller events demanding Rosemount residents' attention, too. Churches have planned concert series. The city will offer music in the park.

There will be no shortage of planned events vying for your attention, but you don't need a plan to enjoy summer in Rosemount. There are acres of parks and miles of trails. There is room to explore now, while the weather makes exploring a joy.

Get out in these next few months. Find a trail you haven't walked and walk it. Find a new park and explore. See everything Rosemount has to offer. You'll be glad you did.