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Letter: Who will pay for task forces?

To the editor,

When Leland Knutson was mayor of Rosemount, he was asked if the city council could make a promise to the effect of intervening in the future development of downtown Rosemount. Mayor Knutson wisely responded that a promise like that could never be made. It would really depend on the vitality of the business community and how active they are in sustaining downtown.

In response to former planning commissioner Jeanne Schwartz, who is pushing for multi city-led task forces to fiddle around with our town's economy: show me the money. At a time when governments are being asked to get smaller, Schwartz is asking for bigger and spendier government in our town.

This city should never have gotten into the realty business. If private businesses don't want to come to town, then we don't have businesses. The city's role should be inviting for a business to come here without giving away the store. How many realtors have we had and have we now sitting on council and commission? Plenty. Conflict of interest?

Remember the city council's redevelopment committee task force? Downtown business owners applied to be on the committee and were rejected. Time after time the same individuals get chosen by the council. The same think tank. What's the point?

Jeanne Schwartz: If you want to set up businesses in Rosemount to help the economy, put up your own money. Don't ask me or Rosemount taxpayers to support your think tank with another consultant-run, city-run task force.

Kathy Klonecky,