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Student Voices

I buy my lunch meat at Target, my noodles from Sam's Club, chocolate at Walmart, and my bread at Cub. But what if one day, I go to the grocery store, and all the shelves are completely empty? What would I eat? How could I live?

These days we rely so much on stores like these that we forget what little resources we have without them.

If the shelves were empty, our only choice would be to make our own food. That means no more chicken broth from the store, no more fruit from Florida, no more vegetables from California. It means home grown vegetables and fruit, home-raised chicken meat and milk from your own cow.

It also means no more restaurants, and no school lunches. Plus you wouldn't be able to grow things in the winter, so you'd have to grow enough to last your family the entire year. If we were cut off from food suppliers, do you think you could harvest your own food for your whole family? Do you think you could do it?

We always say technology has come so far, but we have also lost some traditions along the way. Kids today may be able to program their computer and set up a TV, but can they butcher a chicken? Or even grow a garden?

Last spring I attempted to grow a garden, but by the end of the summer, I had a half eaten cabbage, some rotten radishes and a lot of weeds. I didn't maintain it well, and so my ending product wasn't what I expected.

Through my experience, I found out gardening is not as easy as it seems. And if my life depended on growing food and harvesting it, I'm not sure I would be around for long. I am going to attempt to grow a garden again this year just in case someday I have to fend for myself. I should be prepared ... and maybe hungry. We'll see how it goes.