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Column: Ready to be done with the campaign rhetoric

The other day when I turned on television, I expected more shootings or dysfunctional self-inflected problems in our society but instead I listened to good news, all the miners in Chile were above ground and safe.

What a joy after listening to all those political "he said she said" ads we have in our homes today. I heard $50 million in donations will be used by both parties to saturate the airwaves with -- guess what? -- more ads until Election Day. And that's just for Minnesota

We've been blessed with this national campaign rhetoric for the past four years but the donations just keep pouring in. Billions are poured into the system while too many Americans are starving. Political candidates are flitting from coast to coast blasting their opponents and saying very little about what they will do if elected for fear of not accomplishing tasks if or when they get elected.

We are so concerned with gun control, that we forget that guns don't kill, people do. We don't stop to find out why this is happening. We allow billions of dollars of stimulis money to flow into the coffers of big business which then lays off employees in spite of showing huge profits.

Something is wrong when our state legislatures considers spending $1 million on a playground in our Minnesota prisons while cutting back on education in our schools. There is no reason why flood victims in Minnesota are waiting for funding to rebuild while we send millions over to help flood and earthquake victims around the world. Americans just crank up the printers to cover the "care package" or cross our fingers China will lend us more money.

You notice Congress voted themselves a big raise but couldn't give seniors a Social Security raise. They want to run the health care system but let's be realistic. Look at what they did with the post office, social security, infrastructures and our education department. Not a record to be proud of when the government takes over what should be in the private sector. Instead of taking it over, and starting over, they could monitor what is in place and make improvements.

Maybe I'll keep television off until after the election. But I recently read that candidates are cranking up for the 2012 election. God forbid we have to listen to that for another two years.

Quick pizza

16 whole wheat frozen dinner rolls

1 cup pizza sauce

4 cups grated cheese

Favorite toppings (sausage, pepperoni, vegetables)

Thaw and combine rolls. Roll out in 10 x 15 sprayed pan. Let rest. Prick dough with fork and bake in 350 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove and cool. Spread pizza sauce and top with cheese. Top with favorite topping and bake an additional 15 minutes.