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Endorsement: Pat Anderson for state auditor

Patricia Anderson, who was Minnesota's state auditor from 2002 to 2006, is seeking to return to the office. She was an activist auditor, and that energy is part of what recommends her for election to the job Nov. 2.

Her opponent, incumbent Rebecca Otto, has seemed more of a caretaker than activist. For example, when Anderson was auditor, she presided over an audit that provided Minnesotans and individual communities with information regarding management and mismanagement of state funds. Otto objected, ran against Anderson, and won.

That was then. Today Anderson's role as auditor looks far better that Otto's. Both candidates have engaged in a campaign of accusations and allegations regarding each other's performance in office. Most of it is low-road campaigning.

Nevertheless, Anderson's approach to the auditor's responsibilities is energetic and out-front - which is what Minnesota needs in this time of fiscal austerity. She should be retuned to her old job.