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Letter: Kurt Bills is ready to debate the issues

To the editor,

Rosie Isaacson from Rosemount wrote in her recent letter to the editor she wanted to hear important tax issues discussed soon by Kurt Bills. Thank you for the suggestion, because Mr. Bills is ready and willing! Now if you can only get your candidate, Representative Phil Sterner, to agree!

Representative Sterner has made it clear to the Bills campaign that he does not want to participate in substantive debates with his opponent on the important issues facing our state. Now is not the time for Mr. Sterner to duck and hide. The constituents of 37B have a right to hear answers on these issues.

For example, in the middle of a recession two years ago, Mr. Sterner voted to raise taxes over a billion dollars. Is he now against these extreme tax increases now that it is election season?

Does he support Minnesota Plan H.F. 135, which would provide us lucky Minnesotans with Single Payer Socialized Medicine run by appointed members of the Minnesota Health Board? All three Democrat gubernatorial candidates support this legislation. What will he do if he gets his arm twisted during a close vote in the House ... especially in a non-election year? Does he still support these extremist positions?

Let's set up these debates. The citizens of District 37B deserve to know where Mr. Sterner stands on these and many other issues.

John Kessler,