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Letter: Another view of Sterner's roundtable

To the editor,

I recently attended the same business roundtable hosted by Rep. Phil Sterner that Duane Kaczmarek criticized in a recent letter to the editor. Either Mr. Kaczmarek wasn't paying attention or, as he stated by his own admission, he just left the meeting too early. Maybe it's simply that his views are so colored by partisanship that he is unable to view things objectively.

It seemed to me that the small business owners in the south metro were glad to hear from legislative leaders about their efforts to create a more favorable environment for job growth and development. Even more, they seemed glad to have the opportunity to share their concerns with those leaders, who took plenty of time to answer questions and concerns from small business owners in attendance. There was not one subject they shied away from, and their responses were both the pragmatic and thoughtful.

Most of all, Representative Sterner took the time to put this kind of thoughtful meeting together where all comments were clearly and respectfully heard. As a small business owner himself, he understands the challenges we're facing in this tough economy. He's committed to listening to all sides to come up with common sense solutions to get people back to work and our business climate back on track. Sterner actually means it when he says he's willing to work across party lines; he actively solicits opinions from people he knows don't always agree with him, and he graciously invited his Republican counterpart to join the panel, even though she had left him out of a similar event several months earlier. During this past legislative session he voted against a sweeping tax increase that reached too far and deep, and consistently voted to protect the working families, small businesses and senior citizens he pledged to represent.

Residents of Rosemount and Apple Valley are lucky to be represented by Phil Sterner, who has a commitment to real bi-partisanship. Clearly, the only reason Mr. Kaczmarek wrote to the paper, or even attended the forum was to find a reason to attack Sterner.

Don Danielson, Jr.,