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Letter: One resident's vision of Central Park's future

To the editor,

My vision for Rosemount's "gathering place":

Establish a theme; build from there.

Extend and interconnect the various areas, spreading out eastward from Central Park and Erickson Park, northwest over towards Schwartz Pond and Park, south towards 42.

Different activities in different areas (picnics, concerts, live entertainment, bocce ball, whatever).

Large plantings and pots of colorful flowers. Decorated trees in the winter.

Wide paths, so families and groups can walk together.

Separate bike/scooter paths (public faucets and facilities).

Add more large sculptures like the existing orange one (including a green Shamrock!).

Build European facades onto existing and new businesses. Offer European, ethnic goods and foods.

Result: A variety of healthy, low- or no-cost, year 'round family entertainment and activities that meet the needs of the very young to the very old, as well as draws in tourists (sales) and is memorable in all ways. A true gathering place.

LaVonne Woodruff