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Editorial: More active RABC a positive

The Rosemount business community announced plans Tuesday to play a more active role in planning Rosemount's commercial future. We think that's a great idea.

The Rosemount Area Business Council is not new, but at a meeting hosted Tuesday morning by the Dakota County Regional Chambers of Commerce the RABC announced plans to speak up more in its role as an advisor to the Rosemount Port Authority. The council will share its opinions on economic development and redevelopment. In many cases that will mean sharing years -- decades -- of experience about what has been and will be good for Rosemount.

Who better to comment on the city's business community, after all, than the people who are living it every day?

The RABC will meet monthly and will report to the larger business community at future chamber breakfast meetings.

"People in the business community have a lot of influence and knowledge about economic development," said chamber president Ruthe Batulis. "They have so much intellectual capacity that needs to be heard."

But advice to the city is only part of the equation. The more active stance taken by the RABC means increased communication and cooperation among businesses. That could lead to other opportunities to work together that might not otherwise come up.

It's hard to know what will come from this committee. But We believe it can only be good for Rosemount's business community to take a more active role in determining its future. We look forward to seeing what happens next.