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Editorial: Arts council appreciates church's support

As the chairperson of the Rosemount Area Arts Council, I would like to extend our thanks to St. Joseph's Church for its support by allowing us to use their "old church" to present Applause Theatre's production of the play Mousetrap. I would particularly like to thank Gary Mitchell, the church's administrator, for the extra effort he contributed to making these events possible. While the facility is now owned by the city of Rosemount, St. Joseph's continues to lease the buildings for use by their school. Without the help of Mr. Mitchell, these performances could not have been enjoyed in Rosemount.

RAAC and Applause Theatre are very pleased with the attendance at the play. We had very little time to promote the event, and even less money. Promotion was limited to posters in local businesses and an article in the Rosemount Town Pages. Thanks to those businesses who allowed us to display our posters, and, of course, to the coverage by your paper. Even with limited promotion, the play attracted 168 attendees. We believe this is yet another indication that Rosemount area citizens are indeed ready to support an arts and cultural center in our community.

For those who are not aware of RAAC, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, led by a board of directors who are also local citizens. We are dedicated to bringing a broad spectrum of the arts for the enjoyment of all our citizens. We see the arts as including everything from folk arts (blacksmithing, woodcarving, quilting) to performance arts (theatre, dance, music, film) to exhibit arts (painting, sculpture, drawing) to literary arts to public art. With each event, we will endeavor to include an educational component, and would like to offer classes in various arts.

We believe a strong community-based arts program strengthens the community, as well as the families and individuals who make up our community. Strong, high quality, affordable arts programs appeal to nearly all residents -- from toddlers to teens to seniors -- and everyone in between -- to all income levels, all backgrounds. What other types of programs serve such a large and diverse portion of the population?

We would love to hear from anyone who has ideas they would like to see included in our programs and who would like to join our organization to help make the dream come true. With the support of people like Gary Mitchell, we can make it happen. Contact us through our website: or e-mail InfoRAAC@

Jeanne Schwartz


Jeanne Schwartz is chair of the Rosemount Area Arts Council