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Editorial: How are we doing, Rosemount?

The start of a new year is a good time for reflection, and here at the Town Pages we've got a lot to be happy about as we look back at the year that's just gone by.

Back in January we collected a nice pile of awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association and in September we got a boatload more from the National Newspaper Association, including one for first place overall in our circulation category. We finished just ahead of the Farmington paper we put out each week from the same office.

In other words, we're pretty darn happy with the newspaper we put out every week here at the Town Pages. We hope you are too.

But we know there are areas where we can improve.

We've already had some conversations in the office about what we do well and what we can do better. But we want to hear from you, too.

What is it that keeps you reading the Town Pages each week? Is there anything we do that nearly drives you away? Are there types of stories or special features you'd like to see more frequently? Or things we don't do that you think we should? Are there things we do you'd like to see cut back or eliminated altogether?

In the rush of putting out a newspaper every week we sometimes forget to step back and ask people how they think we're doing. We think we do a pretty good job bringing our readers a mix of what they need and what they want. But the only concrete proof of that is the fact there are still people out there willing to pay for the paper every week. The only way to know for sure how we're doing is for you to tell us.

So, as you recover from your holiday celebrations we hope you'll take a minute to send an e-mail to, give us a call at 651-460-6606 or write us a letter. You can leave your comment online. You can even stop by the office to say hi. We don't care how you share your opinion. We just want to hear it.

We're serious about providing our readers with the best local newspaper possible. We hope you'll help us make the Town pages everything this city deserves.