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Letter: Weisensel thanks voters

To the editor,

I would like to thank the citizens of Rosemount for coming out on Election Day. Our own council election by many accounts was historic by the sheer number of candidates. However, beyond the candidates, there was the involvement of many of you, engaged in promoting your preferred candidate by word of mouth, flyers, door knocking and putting up signs. It is those unselfish acts to help everyone in our community become educated in their selections.

Having received enough votes to secure one of the two open seats on council, I look forward to continuing to hear from you, much as I did while door knocking, as well as seeing many of you remaining engaged in the affairs of our city. The opportunities to communicate your concerns are available through the city's web site, by telephone or at council meetings.

More active involvement is available by applying for openings in the various commissions that make recommendations to the council. Lastly, consider sharing your time and abilities as a volunteer for city community events, youth and adult service organizations or our church community.

Civic service to our community is a responsibility we enjoy from self government. It is rewarding, building on the strengths of each of us, making Rosemount our home to raise our families, our town to share and celebrate our pride and progress.

I look forward to joining city council in January along with Kurt Bills to serve all of you in the coming years. Once again, thank you.

Jeff Weisensel


Jeff Weisensel is a city council member-elect