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Letter: Candidates deserve praise

To the editor,

On behalf of Chimes of Freedom, I would like to extend my greatest respect to the 29 Rosemount residents who filed and/or ran for city council.

All of you who participated served our great community by expressing your views and suggestions for our future, working hard convincing others to share those views, and getting citizens out to vote. This is a very exciting time for Rosemount.

Many communities across Minnesota would kill for the caring and willing representation that was shown here in our small town. We have all heard countless complaints about government, but when it comes to taking action, no one comes. In Rosemount, they came. This is community. Our community.

Both for candidates and voters, this city council race was the best governmental learning experience that could ever happen. We all had a chance to engage in the entire process from start to finish because it was our very family, friends and residents who were running. You candidates provided a unique challenge to the press as well, requiring them to search out unconventional ways to report about you. Yes, it was the weekly updates by the press and constant coverage that kept the rest of us duly informed.

I have seen no evidence to support the statements made by mayor Bill Droste or the news media that some candidates who filed for city council did not take their campaign seriously. There is no law that candidates are required to answer newspaper reporters' queries, and every single candidate got more than 50 votes. Highest number of votes is the only criteria for winning an election.

Our city and our country need citizens to run for elected offices every two years. Now is not too early to be looking ahead. Best way to find out how things work is to jump in and try it. One of my favorite quotes is by an unknown author:

"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: Amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic."

Thank you to all of you who tried something new and dared to speak your views. This 2008 city council campaign will go down in Rosemount's history. Aren't all of you proud that you were part of it?

Kathy Klonecky,