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Letter: Election signs went missing

To the editor,

Recently, we discovered our four political lawn signs were stolen from our yard. While stolen signs are of minimal dollar value individually, they are a way for folks to have a small voice in the election.

I am a school bus driver for Rosemount High, Middle and Elementary, so I drive my school bus throughout the city streets every day. There are hundreds of signs missing. It's shocking how many are missing. With the exception of a few, almost all of the McCain signs are gone. It is apparent that an organized effort was made to rid one political viewpoint from our city. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and tolerance? Can citizens no longer express their political views without intimidation? Do those on the other side of the aisle justify this behavior in an attempt to win an election? I have many friends who have different political views and I respect them. I would never think of robbing them of their right to free speech, as I am sure they would not also.

Now that hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in political signs are gone, I suggest that if yours are missing to do what I did, make your own sign. It will draw more attention and will not allow a bunch of lowlife thieves to get the upper hand. In my front yard, my sign reads, "YOU STOLE OUR SIGNS, BUT YOU CANNOT STEAL OUR VOTE!"

Kathy Eiden,