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Letter: Ben Burdick will work for Rosemount

To the editor,

Ben Burdick, a friend and colleague of mine at Ecolab in St. Paul, is running for city council in Rosemount. I have worked on multiple projects with Ben and have seen how he has been able to deal with multiple competing views/factors and develop plans to resolve complex problems.

Ben's experience in dealing with complex decision making and developing practical action plans will help him perform the duties of city councilman.

Ben has the leadership skills we need on the Rosemount City Council. When it comes to making the hard decisions, he will listen to all of his constituents, not just the special interests, and make a decision for the good of our community -- a responsibility he will not take lightly. As hard as he works during his day job, I'm sure he will work even harder for us on our city council.

Join with me and vote for Ben on Nov. 4. We want Ben.

Gary Wilkin,