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Letter: Lindsay is courageous conservative

Lindsay is



To the editor,

Judy Lindsay represents the best in conservative values. While serving on the District 196 School Board she was resolved and determined. She frequently stood alone on behalf of the average taxpayer with the rest of the school board members and teachers' union working in tandem against her. Watching her on local television I was amazed at her courage as she took criticism from school board members such as Bruce Endler whom has recently disparaged her character as well as distorted her views and actions.

In the current political climate it takes an extraordinary person to adhere to her convictions. Judy has always done so.She means what she says and says what she believes. She is a proponent of governmental/public fiscal responsibility and accountability. She supports the free market and competition. She looks first at the innovation of the citizen to help solve problems -- not the government dole. She is a strong advocate of the value of all human life both born and unborn. She supports traditional marriage.

If these are your values as they are mine, then Judy is your candidate on Nov. 4 for house seat 37B.

Deborah Johnson