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Letter: Endler's claims were unfounded

To the editor,

As one who has held high positions in our community, Bruce Endler wrote an unfounded opinion last week. Endler is a former ISD 196 school board elected member and former chair of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party for District 37.

Mr. Endler has enough education to properly address someone. Insultingly, he purposefully addressed Doctor Hansen seven times by the incorrect title: "Mr. Hansen."

Endler told an outright lie when he said Hansen is attempting "to circumvent the law." Write-in votes are a part of our law and have won seats for political candidates elsewhere in Minnesota. Apparently this has not been done before in Rosemount/Apple Valley. Perhaps because the major parties have kept the rights of Americans a secret. Now, the cat is out of the bag. Any American citizen has the right to file, to run and to win an election as a write-in candidate. Apparently Kurt Hansen, the only candidate with two advanced degrees, knows more about government than party hacks.

Kurt Hansen has proven that he can stand up to the forces that be, on the side of the people. For those of you who want proof that this write-in thing will work, vote by writing-in candidate Kurt Hansen's name on your ballot for Minnesota House and watch the results. The biggest plus is that you will be voting for a candidate who thinks the way the people think and will actually do something about it. If Kurt Hansen really has nothing better to offer, why is the Democratic party so worried about him running?

Kathy Klonecky