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Letter: Lindsay fought for fiscal responsibility

To the editor,

Our troubled economy and the uncertainty that lies ahead have caused my family to review our budgets and cut back where we can. Some budget cuts are more difficult than others, but we try to live within our means to ensure a more secure future for our children. Our representatives in government need to take the same responsibility. Judy Lindsay has consistently shown a commitment to doing just that by fighting for fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Judy fought for fiscal responsibility as well as academic excellence during her terms on the ISD 196 school board. Many of us appreciated and supported Judy Lindsay's work on the school board. Although Judy chose not to seek a third term, when she did run for the board she was re-elected with more votes than any other candidate in the history of ISD 196. Exercising restraint in spending and looking for ways to improve the status quo does not make a person extreme -- it makes them responsible.

Judy's passion for the education of our children caused her to evaluate and seek ways to improve education, and not just throw more money at it. Total real spending per student (including all levels of government funding) has increased more than 23 percent in the last decade, and is up 49 percent over the past 20 years, while student performance has remained relatively flat and classroom sizes have increased dramatically. Perhaps the answer to improving education should include reforms and changes in resource allocation (spend more money on teachers and classrooms and less on administration). Judy Lindsay is willing to do the hard work of analyzing our education budgets before asking the taxpayers for more money. After that evaluation, if it is determined that more money is needed, I am happy to pay for it.

Judy Lindsay works for students, parents, and taxpayers. She does not represent special interest groups. Judy will fight for transparent and prioritized budgets, and for fiscal responsibility and accountability. I trust Judy Lindsay with my checkbook and so can all District 37B taxpayers.

Martha Zappe,

Apple Valley