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Letter: Sterner says he's ready to work for residents

To the editor,

Two weeks ago I was accused of wanting to expand taxation. This is anything but the truth.

I have consistently argued something that other democrats haven't -- that we need fiscal responsibility, property tax reductions and cutting of wasteful spending. I believe that we must dig deep, instead of looking for an easy yes or easy no, to find out where to cut and where to invest. Although Judy Lindsay has accused me of wanting to raise taxes, we have both signed a pledge to look for areas to cut in the budget before raising any taxes. But we must also invest in transportation, education and creation of new jobs to get the economy going and secure our long term future. This can be done while cutting wasteful spending and non-essential programs.

If you are looking for extreme policies or polished rhetoric, then I am probably not your candidate. But if you are looking for someone that will talk to you about the state's problems, work with both parties to find solutions and be dedicated to finding ways to reduce the heavy economic burden on families while investing in things we all value, I am your candidate.

You may not always agree with me. However, you will know that when I sit down at the bargaining table, I don't look at the D or the R next to the name. I listen to the ideas presented and examine how it will affect families in my district and will vote for what is right for you. 

As a 40 year district resident and Rosemount homeowner since 1985, I have had great respect for Dennis Ozment, and I am proud he represented our community. Representative Ozment worked with both sides of the aisle. He knew that our community was not extreme and wanted policies that benefited the community regardless of the party affiliation for the bill author. I want to continue this philosophy. 

I ask for your vote on Tuesday and am willing to work hard to find the answers for our community.

Phil Sterner