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Letter: Judy Lindsay refutes claims made last week

To the editor,

Last week this newspaper allowed a letter that stated "they voted her off the board." In fact, I was re-elected with the highest number of votes in ISD 196 history. Not being a career politician, I chose not to seek a third term.

I am proud my record shows that I keep my word and stand for the principles I was elected on -- academic excellence and fiscal responsibility.

Is voting against tax increases extreme? How about calling for a transparent, prioritized budget? Is it extreme to vote against the superintendent's golden parachute or against our students being used as guinea pigs? I don't think so. I think that is just common sense.

My principles matched the voters in the district. The majority of the voters agreed with me, not once but twice, and voted down the levy. Then, once the levy passed, many said I was vindicated when the "financially strapped" school district mysteriously "found" $11 million shortly thereafter.

The MCCL has not endorsed Phil over me. For someone to claim otherwise, is a downright lie. I have been assured MCCL is taking corrective action to address this.

I have a copy of the minutes for the May 13, 1996, ISD 196 School Board Meeting where Bruce Endler talks about school based health clinics. For him to say it wasn't discussed is a lie, since he was the one discussing it.

One way to prevent something from being implemented is to keep it off the agenda but that doesn't mean it wasn't an issue. I kept it off the agenda.

Yes, my children attended a private school. So did my opponent's children, as well as his campaign manager and his siblings. My opponent and his campaign manager's parents supported me and helped me get elected to the school board.

If elected, I have pledged to stand for the principles of limited government, individual freedoms and a free market. These are the founding principles of our country and they will lead Minnesota back to the path of prosperity.

My first priority would be keeping jobs in Minnesota. The Tax Foundation's latest report lists Minnesota 41 out of 50 for friendly business climates. Is it any wonder the corporate headquarters for the Northwest/Delta Airlines merger is going to Atlanta, where taxes are much lower?

We must reduce taxes and mandates on business to be competitive and keep jobs here, yet my opponent told this newspaper he would raise income and transit taxes.

If elected I won't forget the citizens who elected me to office and I won't become a mouthpiece for the bureaucracy or some special interest group. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve this community once again.

Judy Lindsay


Judy Lindsay is a candidate for State Representative