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Letter: Will Branning works hard for his district

To the editor,

I support Will Branning for county commissioner.

I am not a person to write letters for newspaper publication, or one who puts political signs in my yard. However, I do want to call attention to a few of the things that our county commissioner, Will Branning, has been involved in that specifically benefit his district, District Seven, which includes Rosemount and Apple Valley.

I first met Will when I ran the Coast to Coast store in the Ken-Rose Shopping Center in Rosemount. From the very beginning, I was impressed with Will's interest and participation in all facets of this area and its business. When I moved my store to Apple Valley, I was able to see first-hand the careful guidance, the unending energy, and the wholehearted commitment this man gave Apple Valley, where he served both as councilman and mayor for 20-some years. I found Will to be a man of character, always approachable and open to new ideas and concerns of the business community.

While I no longer have my store in Apple Valley, I do continue to live in Rosemount. Will has served and continues to serve this community well in his position as our county commissioner. I was particularly pleased about his drive to secure express bus service from here to downtown Minneapolis, and I understand that due to Will's work, we, in Rosemount, will have a new Dakota County Library in February next year. Some of Will's projects that relate specifically to this community are UMORE park where he serves on the advisory council and the recent Robert Street Corridor transit study where he is co-chair. Rosemount is lucky to have his experience, leadership and concern.

On Nov. 4, I will vote for Will Branning to continue as Dakota County Commissioner. I hope you will too, as I know he will continue to represent our interests, goals and desires.

Jim Ahern,