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Letter: Sterner's campaign resonates

To the editor, 

Deductive reasoning should guide your vote as you compare candidates in District 37B's state House race.

Kurt Walter-Hansen lost the DFL nomination to Phil Sterner by 66 percent. Undaunted, he ran against Sterner again in September and was defeated by 71 percent of voters. Hansen has lost this election twice, yet as an outsider looking in he still pleads for write-in votes.

Judy Lindsay is a former school board member who butted heads with board members and parents until they voted her off the board. She wanted to eliminate DARE and the nationally recognized School of Environmental Studies. Lindsay claims that she defeated school-based health clinics, but fellow board members say the issue was never even discussed.

Teachers opposed Lindsay's election to the board in 1999 due to her extremism, a belief echoed by Republican representative Dennis Ozment. Says Ozment, "Judy's an extremist. Everybody knows my opposition to Judy. She doesn't support education. She's just not electable." 

Lindsay's blatant hatred for gay citizens flared when she testified before members of the Senate that homosexuality correlates to bipolar disorder. This was her effort to amend the constitution so that human rights don't apply to homosexuals.

Deductive logic comes down to this regarding Hansen: Republicans shouldn't vote for him because he supports the Democrats' platform. Democrats shouldn't vote for Hansen because he managed little more than 500 votes in the primary and is running against the DFL endorsed candidate. A Hansen vote is a throwaway vote, and places Judy Lindsay one vote closer to power her extremism should never wield.

Speaking logically to Republicans, you trusted Dennis Ozment by electing him to 24 years in office. If this trusted public servant doesn't support Lindsay, why would you? What's more, the MCCL didn't trust Lindsay either. They endorsed Phil Sterner.

Sterner's moderate message and grassroots campaign has resonated with district residents. He offers bipartisan support within the district, high ethical standards and will work hard to represent us in St. Paul.

Daniel Monahan,

Apple Valley