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Letter: Sterner is the logical choice

To the editor,

It is very interesting that Kurt Hansen has mounted a write in campaign for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Unfortunately for Mr. Hansen, Minnesota has a "sour grapes" law that prohibits primary losers from running as an independent. Rather than accept the will of the voters Mr. Hansen is attempting to circumvent the law in the only way he can. Mr. Hansen's contention is that the voters need another choice. That is only true if Mr. Hansen considers himself a far left liberal.

The voters have a clear choice. Judy Lindsay is such a far right radical that even retiring State Representative Dennis Ozment has called her unelectable. Phil Sterner holds a moderate philosophy that is far closer to Representative Ozment's than Judy Lindsay on even her most tolerant day. Therefore, for Mr. Hansen to offer an alternative he must claim a far left philosophy. Unfortunately Mr. Hansen can not. Instead he seems more concerned with the status of his own extensive properties than with what is best for the residents of District 37B.

The voters should reject Mr. Hansen's attempt to circumvent the law. The voters should also reject the ultra conservative and intolerant Judy Lindsay. It seems incredible that Mrs. Lindsay would claim that preventing school health clinics is her greatest achievement since the school board never took up the issue. During her time on the school board, Mrs. Lindsay clearly showed she doesn't work and play well with others, a pretty significant character flaw for a State Representative. Her method for handling difficult disputes was always to vote no. Judy's way to solve budget issues and resolve hard disputes was to consistently vote no.  She didn't look for alternatives or offer compromise -- she just voted no.  That is something we don't need in this time of economic hardship. On the other hand Phil Sterner's experience on the Rosemount City Council demonstrates his ability to get things done for his constituents. On Election Day please vote for Phil Sterner in district 37B.

Bruce Endler,


Endler is a former member of the ISD 196 school board