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Letter: Lindsay does not belong in public office

To the editor,

Judy also mentioned my name as a reason to consider her "bi-partisan" at the Town Pages forum in Rosemount last week. This was done without my knowledge and without asking my consent, which would not have been given. I was glad to see Phil Sterner's answer to this. Many people looking for change supported Judy in her first run for school board, but after seeing the effects of her work, she no longer had our support for re-election nor does she have my or my husbands support in her bid for state House. She also stated at the forum that she is "bi-partisan" because we are the parents of the campaign manager to Phil Sterner. My son is a perfect example of why I do not support Judy, and it is not because of his volunteer work for Phil. I don't support Judy because my son is a product of an ISD 196 public education. He is successful, in part, because of the education he received at Rosemount High School. The programs Judy would have cut (either by many no votes or abstentions) and more importantly, the teachers that Judy did not support through contracts and budgets, these are the things that contributed to his success. In short, he is successful in spite of Judy's tenure on the ISD 196 School Board, not because of it.

I must say I, and my family, believe Judy to be a nice woman, but one that does not belong in public office. I know Phil Sterner to be a nice man who does belong in public office. I am glad he has chosen to run for Minnesota House for 37B so that I can cast a confident vote this November.

Leslie Hailer