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Letter: Lindsay is only pro-life choice

To the editor,

Judy Lindsay is the only all encompassing Respect Life candidate in the 37B Minnesota House race.

Judy not only scored 100 percent Pro-life on the 2008 MCCL survey, with her promise to protect the life of the unborn, but Judy continues to speak out for the need to protect the innocence of every living child by teaching the basics in our schools and eliminating special interest group agendas, in the guise as education, in school curriculums.

Years ago the teacher's union criticized Judy when she took a strong position against implementing the "No Child Left Behind" directive. At that time, some teacher's union members said that Judy was against kids and anti-education with her position against "No Child Left Behind." Now many union members recognize that Judy was right all along and want "No Child Left Behind" repealed

With her promise of no new taxes, Judy Lindsay is a strong advocate of the elderly. Many elderly, with fixed incomes, are at risk of being taxed out of their homes. Some already have to choose between food, gas, heat or even health care under the current tax and spend policies of the DFL majority Minnesota Legislature and US Congress.

Please join me and many of your neighbors by voting on Nov. 4 for Minnesota House 37B contender, Judy Lindsay, a supporter of life at all ages.

Susan Klang,