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Letter: Grass and Bills are the right choices

To the editor,

I want to see change of spirit on our City Council. I'm looking for independent thinkers who care more about the welfare of our town than padding their resumes for their next career move. I'm more likely to vote for someone who wants to improve services rather than someone who builds a brick monument to themselves on the backs of taxpayers. Our present council has put their stamp on Rosemount and their decisions neither make me proud nor do they show me much progress.

The coming election is a chance for us to let the council know that, although they did not listen to our plea for justice last year, we remember. Rosemount needs a new beginning. Fresh ideas without prejudice or bias can bring better results for our people. We need to get away from the habit of secret meetings and the arrogant attitude toward citizens, that has soured council meetings. These meetings should be great opportunities for growth and collaboration

I hope more people will come to live in Rosemount, but it's an uphill battle with a council like ours. All the smiles and "Hi, how are you's", at Cub can't overcome the council's need to control everything that happens here, right down to the very last piece of private property they eminent domained.

So, I'm getting behind two of the most positive, stand-up guys I know, believing that they will do what needs to be done for Rosemount because they love it here. Kevin Grass is plain spoken and cuts right to the heart of the matter. He's been to city council meetings and he knows when they're trying to slip something new in, or if they're naughty or nice. And Kurt Bills is a political science expert and a high school teacher, who knows the ins and outs of city, state, and national government. He will be a policy resource for us.

Kurt Bills and Kevin Grass understand the complexity of city government and will work hard to make Rosemount flourish. I'm voting for them and I hope you will too.

Patricia A. Walter