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Letter: Burdick was impressive

To the editor,

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Burdick who is running for city council in Rosemount. I was impressed with his genuine sincerity to serve and improve our community. He took the time with me and others to listen and understand our concerns.

We talked at length about the issues that are confronting our city, specifically how we can continue to grow our community but keep our small town feel,  ensure that city investment and development are aligned with residents' needs, and how to meet those needs without increased taxes. 

Ben understands the importance of investing in our young people. We discussed two issues related to our young people: the bond referendum for the new athletic complex, and the need to ensure District 196 continues to provide the good educational opportunities to Rosemount youth. He understands that our current economic environment makes it difficult to require our citizens to pay even more in taxes. However, he thinks there are other avenues such as sponsorship programs with local businesses and even lobbying the state and federal government for grants to help pay for the athletic complex and bolster education. 

Ben's genuine concern for our community and his willingness to do what is best for all constituents makes him the right candidate at the right time for Rosemount City Council. Vote for a better Rosemount in November. Vote for Ben Burdick.

Chris Vitek,