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Letter: Weisensel has the necessary experience

To the editor,

I am writing in support of Jeff Weisensel for Rosemount City Council. While a number of people are running for the two open seats, none of the other candidates possess the experience and leadership that Jeff Weisensel can bring to Rosemount.

As acting chair of the Rosemount Planning Commission, I can personally attest to Jeff's ability to listen to the concerns of all parties. Having served on the planning commission with Jeff for three years, I know that he can provide practical insight and a positive vision for not only managing growth and development, but will ensure open space preservation, recreational opportunities for all residents to enjoy and be a strong advocate for protecting our environment.

Given his real estate development experience and civil engineering background, Jeff has the qualities needed to encourage a positive business climate, guide future land use decisions and show fiscal constraint in hard economic times.

Jeff is a proud Rosemount resident, volunteers in the community, listens to others and is willing to make the tough decisions, when needed. Please join me in supporting Jeff Weisensel on Nov. 4.

Jason Messner,