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Letter: Burdick knows how to listen

To the editor,

I had the opportunity to meet Ben Burdick as he was door knocking in my neighborhood this past week. He is one of the 25 people running for city council in Rosemount and was making an effort to meet the people he hopes to represent. Ben was very easy to talk to and expressed interest in knowing what my ideas and concerns were about our community. I found it interesting he came prepared to not only listen to my ideas and thoughts, but write them down. This isn't someone who is just paying lip service, but earnestly desiring to know what I think.

It is clear Ben understands the importance of hearing his constituents and really wants the best for all of us. Ben is the type of leader we need in city council. He is getting my vote in November and I encourage you to vote for him as well.

Wilbur & Connie Gayle