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Letter: District 37B deserves Phillip Sterner's leadership

To the editor,

These past several weeks area voters have written several letters to local newspapers, including the Rosemount Town Pages, voicing their concern about Judy Lindsay's judgment and ability to represent the interests of House district 37B. A popular quote used to demonstrate her questionable views and misplaced zeal comes from an article published in the Pioneer Press on March 21, 2003 where she said, "We are afraid of the sex pushers coming into our community and pandering to the curiosity of children and childlike adults. That's what's happening because of Minnesota's human rights act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation".

Lindsay has repeatedly claimed that this quote was taken out of context, as she claimed in the Sept. 26 edition of the Rosemount Town Pages. She argues that the quote comes from her testimony at the capitol in support of a bill to remove human rights protection for gays and lesbians, who she evidently thinks panders sex to children. She further asserts that she shared testimonies from several children who were robbed of their innocence due to explicit sexually charged curriculum. I encourage area voters to visit the Minnesota Senate web site at to watch the Senate committee hearing Lindsay refers to. The entire exchange between Lindsay and Senate committee members is available for all to watch. It's interesting that the quote she claims is taken out of context is not even close to being uttered during her testimony. Instead, the quote is from a strategically planned press conference (not her testimony) organized to peddle fear and distractions from the issues that are really affecting families. It's also interesting that she did not share any testimonies from children as she claimed. She offered one, and only one, testimony from one parent who made claims that seem to be unsupported by any other parents.

Lindsay also likes to reference her testimony at the capitol when discussing her leadership and ability to stand up to special interest groups. However, not only was her testimony ineffectual but the Senate Judiciary Committee members had to explain to Lindsay that she approached the wrong committee. They suggested that she take her grievance to the Education Committee. It's been five years since her testimony and she has still not testified in front of the proper committee.

She may have the biggest and cutest campaign signs, but do we really want Lindsay's misguided ideological zeal and ineffectual tactics representing our interests? I believe the priorities of families in 37B match Phil Sterner's focused vision where job creation, fair tax policies, and manageable health care reform can be accomplished through bipartisan communication. We deserve Phil Sterner's leadership.

Eric Jayne,

Apple Valley