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Letter: John Oxborough has the right experience for city council

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for John Oxborough for Rosemount City Council. John has the experience, knowledge and dedication that we need speaking for us. John is a past city council member, he was a volunteer fireman for 11 years and he was building chief for School District 196. John has more than enough experience to guide our city to a better future.

I feel we need to better the communication pathway between the residents of this city and its elected officials and John Oxborough is the right man for that job. John has lived in Rosemount for 45 years and has watched Rosemount change and evolve. With the population in Rosemount growing so quickly, there needs to be a balance between the small town feel and the ever changing scenery. I feel that John Oxborough has these interests at heart and is dedicated to guiding Rosemount towards a better future. My experience is, John Oxborough always welcomes the opportunity to discuss our concerns with an open ear and an open mind. Please join me in voting for John Oxborough on Nov. 4.

Ashley Krause