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Letter: Jeff Weisensel is committed to making Rosemount better

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for Jeff Weisensel for city council. I have known Jeff and his family ever since we moved to Rosemount about 11 years ago. I have seen Jeff and his wife Kathy volunteer in several capacities throughout that time-at school, in sports, in Girl Scouts, at their church, at the Dakota County Fair and 4-H and more.

I know Jeff loves this town and he has an excellent understanding of the needs of Rosemount. I feel he has the leadership qualities needed to help create and implement new ideas and plans for the city's future. We need a city council that has knowledgeable people who can work well with others and listen to all sides.

I've seen Jeff do that in several volunteer positions, in addition to his work in property management and development. He can get the job done and have fun. 

Connie Smith