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Letter: David Ganfield will work hard for Rosemount

To the editor,

When you are voting for the city council election, you want to vote for someone you can trust to do the right thing, someone who wants to serve the community because they believe in helping others, someone who is good with people, can establish good working relationships and who is willing to listen. You also want someone who knows the area and the people, who is familiar with the concerns of the city and can make good decisions on our behalf.

When I think of those things, I think of David Ganfield. David is a hard-working person who has lived in Rosemount for many years. He worked as a full-time lieutenant officer in the Richfield Fire Department and also as a volunteer firefighter and training officer with the Apple Valley Fire Department because he cares about people. He has built good working relationships with legislators, state agency staff, The League of Minnesota Cities staff and other associations, and has worked with those officials to develop and bring about passage of critical legislation. In addition to his fire service experience, he also served for 10 years as the secretary of the Minnesota State Fire Department Association, which consists of over 780 fire departments and over 19,000 individual members from across Minnesota.

David Ganfield: A person who respects others, is able to make good decisions, knows the concerns of the city and will work hard for all of Rosemount.

Steve Casey