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Letter: Judy Lindsay will protect freedoms

To the editor,

A wise man once said, A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. Unfortunately, that can be said of the DFL-controlled legislature in St. Paul. The DFL wants you to believe they will eliminate every problem in your life. All you have to do is surrender your freedoms.

This year the legislature passed health care reform. In exchange for participating in the program we receive government control and inevitable rationing of health care. The legislature also passed the largest tax increases in the history of Minnesota. We will pay for light rail even if we don't use it. Two years ago, Minnesotans chose the DFL to take control of both houses of the legislature on a platform of change and fiscal moderation. All that was required was to trust them. When our trust was betrayed, we were told, it was in our best interests. Now we have a legislature that is intent on growing government, increasing and expanding taxation and denying many freedoms. Governments that over-regulate and over-tax, eventually control every aspect of the people's lives.

Phil Sterner promises fiscal restraint yet flexes the muscle of government to seize property and ruin livelihoods. Sending him to St. Paul guarantees the continuation of big government. Sending Judy Lindsay to St. Paul will ensure that our freedoms are protected and that government will once again be responsive to the needs of the voters. We need to elect a representative who will protect our liberties and property, and Judy Lindsay is the best candidate for the job.

Catherine Besonen

Apple Valley