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Letter: Write-in support for Kurt Hansen

To the editor,

I would be honored to support the write-in candidacy of Kurt Hansen. I am also proud to have a sign for Kurt Hansen in my yard.

Like others I read about in the newspapers, I contacted Kurt Hansen about issues I am concerned about and was pleased with his answers to my questions. I have known Dr. Hansen as my pet's veterinarian for several years.

I have not seen letters from clients in support of either of the other two House Rep. candidates. As a client of Kurt Hansen, I know first-hand his people skills and his business skills. I commend his efficiency. He deals with both clients and pet patients in an efficient manner. How he runs his business will carry over to his success at the State Capitol. I would in particular like to stress the communication skills of Dr. Hansen. He articulates clearly and reasonably. I always know exactly where I stand with Dr. Hansen. Getting along with people is his business calling card. Bipartisanship will come easy to him as a legislator.

Like many others, I will vote for the first time in a manner I have never done before. I will write-in the name of "Kurt Hansen" on my Nov. 4 election ballot because I know Kurt Hansen will work the hardest and the most impactfully. Happily, my write-in vote will be counted.

Colleen Stevens