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Letter: No push polling going on, Sterner campaign manager says

To the editor,

The Sterner campaign was accused last week in a letter to this paper of negative push polling.  We have spoken with Mrs. Lindsday and she has stated that she does not believe we would be doing this.  A State House campaign doesn't have the money to do negative push polling.  I attempted to call Mr. Young, the letter's author, but he did not return my call.  I would be more than happy to discuss this issue with Mr. Young or anyone in our community.  The Minnesota DFL and House DFL do not do push polling.  It would especially be surprising if the DFL is doing this polling because DFL Representatives Madore and Masin are being push polled by the same firm.

The Sterner campaign would be more than willing to provide a financial report to prove that we are not funding push polls.  You can also look at House DFL expenditures to see if they are funding push poll firms.  If you receive another push polling call, I suggest you contact either campaign so they can get more information to investigate further.

Phil Sterner will continue to run a positive campaign and talk to voters about the issues and candidates' records.  That is why our campaign contacted Mrs. Lindsay's campaign to ensure we move forward in a positive manner to make this community stronger.


Will Hailer

Will Hailer is campaign manager to Phil Sterner and the Sterner for House Election Committee