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Letter: Lindsay brings experience

To the editor,

In this country we are privileged with the freedom and opportunity to learn in our schools. Everyone knows that a good education is vital for success. No citizen can or would underestimate the value of education in the lives of our children, our communities and our country.

Annually, we hear it is critical that we send more money to our school districts and to the State of Minnesota to support education. Although financial support is important in encouraging good resources, facilities, and results in education, it is not the only means for achievement. In this country, we spend more per pupil than most industrialized nations, yet in many cases we get far less back. The record shows pumping more money into failing school districts is certainly not a cure.

It is time to break the cycle of more money and underachievement that has plagued state and federal governments far too long. Minnesota House of Representatives candidate, Judy Lindsay, is a strong supporter of achievement in education. Having served on the ISD 196 school board for a number of years, Judy brings a background of knowledge and experience in education to the job of state representative. Judy passionately advocates fiscal responsibility and will be a watchdog for taxpayers' dollars.

Please join me as I cast my vote for Judy Lindsay for House District 37B representative.

Jan Birkenholz

Apple Valley