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Letter: Writer questions campaign tactics

To the editor,

There's an old principle in mathematics: if A is equal to B, and B is equal to C, then A must equal C. It's an elegant statement of a common sense principle. It's also very applicable to everyday life. For example, if a certain DFL candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives from District 37B has a certain list of talking points that appears on his campaign literature and in letters to the editor defending him. And if those same talking points from the letters to the editor appear in push polling calls against his opponent, Judy Lindsay, then the talking points must come from the campaign. The conclusion is pretty clear -- Phil Sterner and the DFL are behind the push polling against Judy Lindsay. This tactic alone is reprehensible, but it is compounded by the denials from Mr. Sterner that either he nor the DFL are behind it. I have to ask is if this is the kind of person that we want to send to St. Paul to represent us? I'd have to say no. We need a candidate who will serve with honor, decency, and a deep commitment to the people of our community and that person is Judy Lindsay. I want to send someone to St. Paul that I can be proud of and that person is Judy Lindsay.

James Young