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Letter: Judy Lindsay is puzzling, writer says

To the editor,

There are a few things that leave me puzzled about Judy Lindsay. First, the literature that she hands out says that she is a small business owner and yet her reports filed to the state for fund-raising purposes indicated she is a "homemaker." I have nothing against being a homemaker but I would like to know what small business she owns and whether that small business is filed with the state.

Second, Judy Lindsay and her supporters continue to tout her educational record. While on the ISD 196 School Board, Judy consistently voted against funding increases for the Rosemount, Apple Valley and Eagan public schools while sending her children to private school. In fact, to my knowledge, I don't believe that she has ever voted to support a funding increase for our students or teachers in ISD 196. As a parent of children in the 196 district, it concerns me that she is so opposed to our children getting the best education, yet she chooses to send her children to private school. If she opposes the funding with her children in our public school district is one thing. However, opposing our children to get the best, while her children are in private school is deplorable. Even retiring Republican Representative Dennis Ozment said in the Pioneer Press (3/6/08) that "Everybody knows (his) opposition to Judy. She doesn't support education." Being that Judy is seeking election to replace Dennis Ozment, it concerns me that she doesn't even have his support when it comes to her views on education.

Third, one item Judy Lindsay doesn't mention on her record is that she was the campaign manager to controversial former State Representative Arlon Linder. Linder said that Buddhism was a cult when the Dali Lama visited Minnesota. He also questioned whether homosexuals were targets during the holocaust, which US Senator Norm Coleman called Republicans to "reject" Linder's "deplorable and historically inaccurate" views about the Holocaust. These views are very extreme. It concerns me that as Linder's campaign manager, that she may share those same views. If she didn't support those views, why would she have continued to be his campaign manager?

Finally, It seems as though she does not want to represent our entire community. Her web site clearly points out that her first priority is to take seats from Democrats. I would rather have someone that will fight to represent our community's issues and passionate about making policies that benefit our community. I also want to support a candidate that is willing to work with all members of Congress (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents). It doesn't appear that Judy is that candidate.

Laura Thompson