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Letter: Lindsay 'stands up for things she says she would'

To the editor,

We are writing in support of Judy Lindsay for state representative for 37B. We have known Judy for several years and have always been impressed with her integrity. She stands up for things that she said she would and does not waiver. She also always stands up for what is morally correct, not what is politically expedient.

With the raising taxes, foreclosures, job losses, the cost of food and gas on the rise, we are also impressed with Mrs. Lindsay's stance on taxes. She understands that these taxes come from you and me, the hard working people and business owners of this district and should not be in the state government's coffers, but in our own pockets. She understands that the people and businesses of this district know how to spend or save their own money better than any bureaucrat ever could.

Mrs. Lindsay will also fight for our personal freedoms, whether it is issues involving eminent domain or the government telling citizens how to live their lives or business owners how to run their businesses.

Judy Lindsay is also an incredibly hard worker. She researches and does her homework on the tough issues and knows how to ask the hard questions. She has the experience to back this up with her eight years on the school board with a much larger budget than what Mr. Sterner, her opponent, has ever dealt with on the Rosemount City Council.

What really impresses us about Mrs. Lindsay is her ability to stick to and debate the issues that really matter to the citizens and business owner's in House District 37B unlike her opponent and his supporters, who rather practice the politics of personal destruction.

We urge the citizens and business owners of 37B to vote Judy Lindsay for state representative.

Carl and Deb Osterhaus