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Letter: Letter last week took quote out of context, Lindsay says

To the editor,

This letter is in response to Veda Kanitz who is identified as a 196 School District teacher. She stated that I have "a problem with basic human rights." She uses a quote but didn't give the context.

This quote was from when I testified at the capitol in support of the "In Defense of Innocence Act." My testimony was about how some have used the special protected class status of sexual orientation in the Human Rights Acts as a shield to push the introduction of concepts about homosexual lifestyles and acts into the school curricula even to an inappropriately young age.

I shared testimonies from children. One involved a fourth grade boy who couldn't sleep and threw up after sharing with his parents what he learned in school about a homosexual act.

I was fighting to protect the innocence of children. I stated that once children lose their innocence, they cannot regain it back. It is forever gone. We need to protect children not promote adult sexual proclivities in our schools.

Is this denying anyone's basic human rights? No, this was simply standing up for what is right and what is in the best interest of children. The adults still can carry on with their private activities, but let's keep it out of the schools. I believe most teachers would back me on this, as well as most of the people in this district.

Ms. Kanitz did point out one thing and that is I have a proven record to stand up to the special interest groups and say, "No this is wrong!" The choice is clear. If you want a strong advocate for children and parental rights, then vote for me. You can count on me again to fight for children and families. I am not afraid to tell the special interest groups, "No!"

Judy Lindsay, Rosemount

Judy Lindsay is a candidate for State Representative HD 37B