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Letter: Judy Lindsay is a principled advocate

To the editor,

As residents of Rosemount and Apple Valley prepare to vote on Nov. 4, they should strongly consider Judy Lindsay -- a principled advocate of limited government, individual liberty and free market economics.

We live in a state with more and more special interest groups (unions, businesses, sports teams, illegal aliens, environmentalists, the arts and light rail proponents) begging for a government handout. Who pays for all these "wonderful things"? You and I do through ever increasing taxes.

Food prices are skyrocketing and gasoline at $3 seems cheap. Yet, Democrats want to expand government, taking more of our money to pay for it.

We need a representative in House District 37B that will get government off our back and let us keep our hard earned money for things that really matter -- your house mortgage, your child's college fund, your daily necessities such as food and natural gas to heat your home. Government is not the solution to the problems facing us during these hard times -- it has only made the problem worse.

Judy Lindsay has been fighting for limited government and fiscal responsibility when she was the lone advocate on the school board of District 196 for eight years. She took a lot of criticism, but she stood steadfast on her principles and offered the type of leadership we most desperately need. She even challenged those in her own party when they were in the wrong. She will fight against using taxpayer money for foolhardy subsidies for inefficient corn based ethanol and light rail transit. Her opponent this fall will push bigger government under the guise of bipartisanship. The DFL-led policies of more government are wrong and should be opposed. Choose the right thing this November. Vote Judy Lindsay.

Bryan Dresselhaus