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Letter: Walter-Hansen says he never promised to step aside

To the editor,

I am responding to Phil Sterner's Aug. 29 statement in the Voters Guide in which he said that I pledged I would not run in the primary.

Phil must have misunderstood something because I never promised or pledged anyone, including Phil Sterner or the DFL party, that I would not challenge an endorsed candidate. Phil Sterner should get his facts straight before publicly commenting that there was a pledge. Phil Sterner never called or asked me about a pledge not to run.

Early in the process, before an endorsed candidate was even chosen, a question was asked by DFL officials as to whether I would continue on if I did not receive DFL endorsement. At that time, I believe I responded that "it would not make sense to challenge an endorsed candidate." That was an opinion statement in the beginning days of running and I did not even know who the endorsed candidate would be at that time. Since then, it did indeed make sense to challenge the DFL endorsed candidate. The DFL party did not ask me to make a pledge, and I made no pledge. In fact, I did not make my decision to run in the Primary Election until June 24, 2008. By law, the State of Minnesota facilitates a democratic primary election. This is a Constitutional right which cannot be taken away from a citizen for any reason. Regardless, there was no pledge.

With respect to Sterner's "no" vote on eminent domain, that is true. However, that "no" vote became a "yes" vote when the Port Authority members who Phil Sterner appointed voted "yes." In fact, all of the appointed Port Authority members voted "yes" to take private property in downtown Rosemount from one private owner and "hand it" over to another private owner. This is how Phil Sterner can look "innocent" in this taking.

Kurt Walter-Hansen,


Kurt Walter-Hansen is a candidate for Minnesota House District 37B