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Letter: Sterner has proved himself as a leader

To the editor,

The DFL endorsed candidate for District 37B state House is Phil Sterner. In addition to the DFL endorsement, he is endorsed by over 15 other organizations including: IBEW, MAPE, AFL-CIO, Education Minnesota, the Minnesota Nurses Association and the Southern Dakota County Labor Council. It is important for all Phil Sterner supporters to get the vote out for the primary. I urge you to vote for Phil in the primary election being held on September 9. We need an endorsed candidate to represent our district.

As a delegate at the Senate District Convention this past March, all three candidates had the opportunity to speak their positions and why they were running. Phil Sterner became the endorsed candidate by a significant margin in the first vote on the floor.

Phil has experience in government serving as a city council member in Rosemount since 2004. He has a broad interest in all of the issues that affect our district including education, transportation, healthcare, creating new jobs and solving the energy crisis.

Phil has proven himself to be a person who will listen to his constituents and work hard while in office to help the entire district, which includes Apple Valley and Rosemount. I urge you to vote for Phil in the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 9 and on Tuesday, Nov. 4 as well. His positions on all of the issues are well documented on his website,

Vicki Dvorak,

Apple Valley