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Kurt Walter-Hansen is authentic

To the editor,

Some candidates give superficial responses to questions about the issues that impact us most. They apparently have no plan. It is frustrating when they are poorly informed and ill prepared to think creatively to solve our problems. It is even more exasperating when they work behind the scenes, so that they can keep what they're really doing and thinking hidden from the eyes of the electorate. This is known as a con job.

We voters are not that naive. We can tell the difference between those political wannabes who have a pretty facade created by their handlers, have a long list of meaningless endorsements to pad their resumes and hide in the shadows to obscure their true allegiances. We recognize a snow job even in the off season.

I don't plan to be fooled twice by the masquerade of Phil Sterner.

I want a candidate who has nothing to hide, is comfortable in the open, and who will represent my interests against any odds. I want a candidate with substance, integrity, backbone and the wisdom to navigate the best outcomes for our district. I want a candidate who isn't trying to make me think he is something other than his record proves.

Kurt Walter-Hansen is authentic. He is a self-made man, which means he knows how to help others accomplish their dreams. A world view and real life experience is truly priceless for developing broad perspective, good judgment, and confidence to take creative risks in problem solving. Kurt began and continues to direct a successful veterinary practice. He managed and worked on several farms, lived and studied abroad and traveled around the world. He has a strong background in medicine, agriculture, and economics. Kurt has a plan and the necessary tools to guide our future decisions. He has my full support.

Kathy Klonecky