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Letter: Sterner will get things done

To the editor,

Unemployment hit a 25-year high in Minnesota this past July, our natural gas heating bills are expected to increase by 30 to 50 percent this fall and winter, and the price of a gallon of gas is overwhelming personal and family budgets already stretched to the breaking point. Minnesota has always prided itself on being an innovator, and thus amidst dismal economic news we have the perfect opportunity to reduce our reliance on dwindling traditional energy sources (increasingly unstable due to geo-political events), greatly improve the condition of the natural environment we live in, and create green jobs.

Phil Sterner, House of Representatives candidate for District 37B advocates that Minnesota expand incentive programs and increase investment in alternative sources of energy to create new, green jobs and provide cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. With increased investment in this area Minnesota could reinvigorate our stagnant economy, create new, green industries and improve on existing green technologies. Politicians representing traditional energy and manufacturing industries have for too long prevented any meaningful investment in green initiatives as well as hindered any progress in increasing energy efficiency and decreasing energy consumption pollutants in an age where progress is urgently needed.

As a successful small business owner, Rosemount city council member and active leader in a variety of civic organizations, Phil Sterner has demonstrated the ability to work successfully with a variety of people and viewpoints to get things done, an essential skill for working effectively in the Legislature. Phil's commitment to increasing economic development while promoting investment in alternative energy sources will be of great benefit to all of Minnesota as we seek to energize our economy and provide sustainable, clean energy. Please join me in supporting Phil Sterner's candidacy for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Brenda Kroeten